What’s It Cost?

BDSMPath was conceived as a service to our community.  The ability to craft a platform for people, causes, and events that matter to us all is what drives us, what fuels us.  We also need actual fuel to keep the lights on and the hamsters running full tilt, so we do charge for our various services. 

Here’s the deal, though.

We’re not looking to gouge or take advantage of anyone.  Our Founder’s mission is to bring Fortune 100 level writing, design, branding and outreach to people, groups, events and communities that do not have easy access to such resources.

And to do so at a price point that won’t cripple anyone.

So we don’t list our specific prices for x here on the site. Our base rates begin at $45/hr, but that is, as all good things in our community are, negotiable. It really depends on the project.

Each experience & story we help create is a unique effort with unique requirements.  So each inquiry we receive, from charity event one pagers (100% free btw) to complex, multi-staged web experiences, is the start of a conversation about how we can help you.

Not bankrupt you.

Like anyone else, we have monthly hosting fees and repeating costs for keep your lights on, but making sure that light shines as brightly as possible in exactly where we can help, and where we represent savings and value, both.  It’s how we give back to, and continue to serve our community.

Give us a shout, start your conversation today.