What we do is fun and sexy, but there’s so much more to it than play parties and fishnet stockings. 

We aim to help you learn whatever it is that sparks your interest. From the basics of BDSM to the most complicated relationships and dynamics. Whether you came here looking for something specific or you’re browsing to expand your horizons, we’ve got you covered! 


BDSMPath believes the power of words.

Have a something to say on a grand scale? Not sure how to reach others? How to start a conversation or get your message out?  We’ve got decades of experience crafting presentations – our own and others’. We travel to community events to share the words we love. We can help you do the same. 

But we also believe in action. Standing as a human wall at a Drag Queen Story Hour or marching in a Pride Parade, we follow words with movement. 


But wait! There’s more! 

Education and outreach are just the beginning. With a wide range of expertise at our fingertips, we can help with just about any project you’ve got brewing. And for far less than you’d expect. 


Fortune 100 Results
at a fraction of the cost

From Capitol Hill to local charitable fundraisers, we have seen it all. Each step of the process is looked at carefully, every detail examined to ensure the greatest impact. We don’t believe in shortcuts… and we don’t believe in gouging, either. 

We do need to keep the lights on, but if you’ve got a project you need help with, talk to us. We’ll do our best to work out a fair arrangement. 

Measured. Paced. Well-considered. Every step of the way.



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